Since 2009 when my family and I returned to live in Cuenca, I have been interested in real estate. I had the opportunity to live this experience firsthand when I immigrated to the United States for my husband’s job, which led us to the process of finding a neighborhood, school, health insurance and of course a place to live. That experience set a purpose in my life and when I returned I felt the need to do the same in my country. Coincidentally, that year Cuenca was named one of the 10 best cities in the world to retire, for its quality of life, and I mean the city as such, its houses, buildings, fields and parks,  transportation services, cost of living,  energy, water, cellular and world class internet, its health system, its gastronomy, to name a few of its attributes, but perhaps the most important and unique: its people; always willing to help, and that makes the people of Cuenca a unique population in this wonderful country that is Ecuador.

The idea of our BLOG is to help you know through its protagonists their services and experiences to help you in your process of adapting to our city, welcome!

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