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Maribel Crespo
Maribel Crespo

I am excited to be your guide in this process of buying or renting real estate.

Ecuadorable Homes iscommitted to high standards of excellence both personally and professionally.

Integrity is a core value of the company, suggesting a commitment to ethical practices in all transactions., marked by attention to detail and personalized care, throughout the entire processin the entire process and experience of buying, selling or renting real estate..

We build strong relationships with our We build strong relationships with our customers, which implies a long-term approach rather than one-off transactions.

Ecuadorable Homes is fully bilingual, which facilitates communication with clients who speak both Spanish and English.


Real Estate
Our property base is extensive and covers most of the properties that are available: houses, apartments, land, farms and commercial properties. However, being a very dynamic environment that is changing all the time, if we don't have it, we can find it.
Guided Tours
Welcome to Cuenca, Ecuador! New in town? We offer you a personalized tour with all the information you need to know before moving in, such as: neighborhoods, services, health system information, legal formalities, and more! The cost of the tour is $30 per hour.
Property Quotes
We believe that the value of a property should not be determined only by an economic moment of the market but by technical characteristics such as materials, year of construction, location, access roads, among others. Within our team, we have professional appraisers registered to provide a fair value.
Our services include legal, health, transportation and miscellaneous services. All this with the support of recognized independent professionals in each of the branches.


Maribel recently sold a condo for me in Cuenca and handled the entire process beautifully! She managed each step efficiently, professionally and with grace. Within 24 hours of listing she posted photos and details on her website. She priced it correctly and actively marketed and showed the property. When the buyer was ready she smoothly managed the process to closing in just a few weeks. Her business practices were in direct contrast to the expat realtor I'd previously listed the property with: He priced it way too high, took 6 weeks to post it online and in 6 months showed the place only twice. Maribel is a STAR! I am so grateful to have found her! Sheila Donnell
by Sheila Donnell
We decided to move to Ecuador from The US a few months back. We visited many locations and finally decided to visit Cuenca. A friend in Guayaquil recommended Maribel to help us find a place to purchase. We have bought and sold at least half dozen places in US, we visited Portugal, and Croatia, and Metz France as well before we decided on Cuenca, so we have worked with many agents in the US as well as other countries. Without a doubt, Maribel is absolutely the best agent we have ever worked with. She always, always has the best interest of her client in mind. She never pressures you to purchase. After all that is how she makes her money. Yet, she patiently showed us place after place. Finally, after almost three months we found a place that we liked. Still, it wasn't an easy task to finalize the purchase. Yet, she was with us through the entire process until we finally closed on our condo. Not only we are grateful for all her tireless efforts, but she is also an unbelievable kind person who helps you without any expectation to make sure you are settled in and if you need any resource, she is there for you. We are soooooo lucky to have met her, and we consider her a dear friend for life. You only have yourself to blame if you do not engage her to help you find a place in Cuenca. Thank you, Maribel, for making this very difficult situation so bearable. Recommended by Siamak Masoudi: sia.masoudi@gmail.com
by Siamak Masoudi
It's been said, "a good real estate agent is similar in nature to a conductor of a great symphony coordinating the different players to make a successful transaction a reality". This is especially true if you are planning on renting/ buying a property in a foreign country and don't know the spoken language. I've just completed a rewarding and successful experience with realtor Maribel Crespo of ecuadorablehomes.com. Coming from generations of living in Cuenca, Maribel has a true interest in property and local architecture that gives her an advantage over other brokers. Because her knowledge and interest level are readily apparent in all her conversations; her clients see that she has a vested interest about the industry. Let me emphasize, Maribel does not just find you a home, she helps you establish a home. My experience with Maribel didn't stop once the sale was completed. What makes Maribel stand out as a realtor is her network of contacts within the Cuenca area. I bought a condo and within days Maribel had arranged for a reliable painter; electrician, and introduced me to an interior designer. She even made the effort to help with internet connection. It is with great respect and my honor to recommend Maribel Crespo not just as a realtor but as an all-encompassing real estate agent who is attentive to the unique needs of her individual clients before, during and after the sale. Recommended by Valerie Jiannotti: valeriejiannotti@email.com
by Valerie Jiannotti
Hello, Maribél! You are a wonderful ambassador for your country; you made me fall in love with it. Thank you, Maribel for the heartfelt introduction you gave us to Cuenca, it was extraordinary and wonderful! Eric The Eric Berendt Studio
by The Eric Berendt Studio
Coming off a bad experience after using the services of another real estate person. Maribel Crespo from Ecuadorable homes was recommended by a good friend. She is a true professional,speaks perfect english,listens to your needs and showed me,many apartments that exactly fit my needs. She handled all of the legal issues,and every point was clear to me and my landlord. She returned messages within minutes,and was always on time for appointments. I live in a great apartment,and could not be happier. She's the right person for anyone coming to a new city and country. Sincerely, Martin Feinsilver
by Martin Feinsilver
In 2012 I purchased an under construction condo thru Maribel. Pretty risky under any circumstances, but not living in a country really compounded the issue. While still in the states, Maribel followed the construction, dealt with issues with the builder, and even helped me make long distance choices on materials.(I trusted her good taste). She also set me up with wonderful attorney's to protect my intrests. Everything went flawlessly, Thanks to Maribel! Neilnagle2765@gmail.com
by Neil Nagle
"The photos taken by Maribel Crespo of our penthouse condominium in Cuenca were so appealing that I wanted to buy it! Maribel went to extra effort to stage our apartment for the photos and she consulted us on what to include in the sale of the property. The listing on Ecuadorable Homes generated interest from the time the listing posted. The property sold in 3 weeks, in part because Maribel advised us on the current market in Cuenca and helped us set a price that generated a good return on our investment. The buyer is very happy too and is set to benefit from the continued appreciation of this special riverfront penthouse." Lizz Drummond
by Lizz Drummond
We are happy to provide a positive referral on behalf of Maribel Crespo as a real estate representative in Ecuador. In her efforts to represent the sale of our Ecuadorian property, we found her to be consistently knowledgable, professional, courteous, responsive and prompt in all her dealings with us. She is sensitive and considerate of the different cultural perceptions that incoming North Americans have in regards to real estate vis-a-vis Ecuadorians. She offers good advice and counsel in dealing with the complex Ecuadorian real estate environment. Without hesitation, we recommend her as a reliable agent. Roger and Suzanne Yazell
by Roger and Suzanne Yazell
Good evening Maribel, Just wanted to send you a short note about the trip and your services so far. The direction you have taken the tour has been outstanding! Allowing people to get a good feel helps them become more confident to make a buying decisions. Timothy Corral
by Timothy Corral
We would highly recommend Maribel Crespo to help you find something to buy. She is from Cuenca, speaks English and is very knowledgeable and competent. She helped us find our condo which we bought last winter. Steve & Susan Rigney
by Steve & Susan Rigney

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