Eco Friendly heating systems

If you are thinking about an ecological system to heat your house, farm, apartment or commercial premises, this is the solution.

Carlos Cordero Vázquez( official representative of heating systems gives us his best recommendations and explains the benefits of the system.

Cuenca, with its location between four rivers and its proximity to the wetlands of El Cajas National Park, offers a temperate climate of 18-20 degrees Celsius at midday. However, morning and nighttime variations, along with colder temperatures at certain times of the year, make residents feel the need to bundle up.

The lack of insulation in homes in some areas of the city aggravates the perception of low indoor temperatures. To address this need, n.ion( ) introduces efficient indoor and outdoor heating solutions designed for comfort.

Our high quality products provide a comfortable and uniform heating experience, using the infrared heating system that mimics solar radiation.

Health benefits:

Prevents the circulation of dust and dust mites, making it ideal for people with allergies or respiratory problems.

Infrared plates offer therapeutic benefits, stimulating blood circulation, toning the skin and relieving muscle pain. Recommended by WHO and used in medical environments.

Maximum savings and high energy efficiency:

Achieves savings of 30%-50% compared to other systems by heating by radiation instead of convection.


The infrared heating system does not burn fuels, avoiding CO2 emissions and protecting the environment.

Easy and maintenance-free installation:

The individual installation per room is easily expandable and adaptable to various budgets. Ideal for second homes or rentals, as it is transportable.

Heaters for outdoors, patios or pergolas:

Infrared outdoor technology efficiently heats exposed spaces, distributing heat evenly and constantly.

It does not heat the air, providing a quick and pleasant sensation, similar to a cold day in the sun.

Easy installation without construction or maintenance, keeping your terrace warm and comfortable all year round.

We are ready to advise you with technical and cost-effective solutions to create heated areas in your homes.

For more information visit us at or on our social networks ( on Instagram or Carlos Cordero cell: 0987226636). You can also find us in our showroom in CC Milenium Plaza, local S2 Subsuelo.

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